Pharmaceutical Sales On Social Media

Since networking is highly recommended as a job search activity in any field including pharmaceutical sales, it’s interesting to see that this can now also be applied to the social media scene.  Social media is really about networking and making contacts.  I’ve noticed (and joined) various groups with a pharmaceutical sales theme on both Facebook and LinkedIn.  I too, have a dedicated pharmaceutical sales page on Facebook.

One word of caution though.  Just like in a live networking situation, you should have any hard selling in online social media.  Don’t go in there and immediately push your resume to a group or new contact and ask for a pharmaceutical sales job.  It’s about building connections and relationships first as the same type of informal rules applies to both live face to face networking and online social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.  By the way, online social media should be just one of the tools to use for networking with pharmaceutical sales people.  It should not replace live face to face networking, which is still the most effective form of building business relationships.

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