Pharmaceutical Sales Management Key Contacts For Drug Rep Jobs

Pharmaceutical Sales Management

It is always mind boggling how most people who want to get drug rep jobs or pharmaceutical sales rep jobs are always sending in resumes to HR departments of major drug companies as the key activity in their job search.  HR departments are bombarded with resumes each week from all over the country so chances of standing out to get noticed to even get an interview are very low.

Instead, I always suggest that networking with industry contacts to get to the most important key contacts for drug rep jobs would be much more important to do.  This is especially the case in connecting with pharmaceutical sales management.  District sales managers are the folks who do the actual hiring of new drug reps so they are the ultimate decision makers on who gets onboard and who doesn’t.  HR only screens candidates.

Bypass HR Altogether

The strategy is to bypass HR altogether is possible and go straight to the pharmaceutical sales management team or at least through their sales force.  This will drastically decrease your competition for the drug rep jobs.

Of course, this can be a very daunting experience for those people who do not know how to go about an effective networking campaign.  This is why I wrote the book ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager‘ in the first place.  To help out aspiring drug reps out there get their foot in the door.

I’m a former pharmaceutical sales manager so I would be the perfect person to guide you into the pharma industry.  You have to get to the right people in order to have the most effective job hunting campaigns and when you get the right person with the right industry background to show you how, your chances of getting into the field as a drug rep is maximized, that is assuming that you are qualified in the first place.

To find out if you are indeed qualified and to learn more about what pharmaceutical sales management looks for, see my free drug rep jobs webinar.

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