Pharmaceutical Sales Management Case In Women’s Healthcare

One of the most important and largest areas of pharmaceutical sales is in women’s healthcare.  I was in this particular medical therapeutic area for a number of years during my career as a drug representative, sales trainer and product marketing manager.  One of the main areas that I focused in women’s healthcare was in the area of HRT or hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women.  I was involved in calling on family physicians, gynaecologists and endocrinologists who see menopausal patients.  My experience with our main product, which was an estrogen replacement therapy drug, can now be considered a very interesting pharmaceutical sales mangement case study.

Quite often in pharmaceutical sales, companies are pushing the use of their products quite aggressively to doctors.  It is considered a luxury if for any product, there ends up being a market demand from patients so that they pull the product in.  This allows the sales force to have a slightly easier time when promoting their products.

Instead of pushing products to doctors that they might not want, the promotion of a product that has big market demand already from patients turns the jobs of the drug representatives into reinforcing the benefits and simply helping the doctors fill that demand.  The drug reps therefore become agents of reminders more than anything else.  Pharmaceutical sales management can simply just have their reps go in and fill in the slots where the demand exists.

In my case, we were competing with a giant blockbuster who is the market leader.  But an interesting case of increasing patient demand out there for a rising trend of going natural made it easy for our company to capitalize on it.  Our product fit the needs of this patient demand and once we promoted our drug as the solution for this demand, doctors started to prescribe our product more often, sometimes even switching over as first line therapy for new patients.

See the video that describes the specifics of this case in the video below.

If you are going to be interviewing for a drug representative job, you will be interviewed by pharmaceutical sales management.  A case such as this one will be a very interesting discussion area during your interview.  Of course, you would benefit from much more information on how to prepare for such meetings.  Check out my free webinar on drug representative jobs.

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