Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar Will Not Work On Cellphones

pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar seminar computerPharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar Needs Computer

We’ve had a few people report to us that our free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar was not functioning.  Upon further investigation, it was realized that these people tried to access the webinar via their cellphones.

The free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar does not function with most mobile devices so it requires a computer to play it.   So if you choose to access our webinar to learn more about the pharmaceutical sales industry, prepare some time in front of your computer when you have a good internet connection.

There is enough detail in the webinar that it’s not something to look at casually when you are on a bus with your cellphone. Slot some quiet time instead when you can really absorb all there is to learn about how pharmaceutical sales jobs work in the industry when you have your computer.

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