Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar Updated

#sales #jobs –  Our webinar on #pharmaceutical sales jobs has been updated with new audio tracks to make things easier on the ears as well as an new video introduction by former pharmaceutical industry executive Clint Cora.

The information on the updated version of this pharmaceutical sales job webinar is not different from the original version.  So if you have already gone through the original webinar, there really isn’t anything different with the updated version.  The new version is just a better quality video with better sound audio.

We have also chosen not to host the updated webinar on Google and YouTube as before.  YouTube has a restriction in the time length of videos so before, we had to split the entire webinar into four different parts.  We found this to be rather inconvenient so we have decided to use different video sites to host the updated full length webinar.

If you haven’t been through Clint Cora’s pharmaceutical sales job webinar before, then you are in for a real treat, especially if you are an aspiring drug representative.  Just go the the sidebar of this blog to sign up for free access or go directly to the pharmaceutical sales website.

This webinar goes through an excellent overview of the pharmaceutical industry as well as what Clint Cora, a former hiring sales manager in the field, considers to be the qualifications to be a drug representative.  He also goes into some valuable tips on the best ways to go about an effective job hunt for a pharmaceutical sales position.

The updated webinar effectively replaces the original version immediately.  The entire video clocks in at just over thirty two minutes and there is a lot of information covered.  Of course, pen and paper are definitely recommended while going through this webinar.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Amy Loves Yah

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