Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Amazon Status

#amazon #pharmaceutical #sales #jobs  —  We are still working to get the full 7-CD audio program version of ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ listed on Amazon.  It appears that the last step that is holding us back is to find an easy way to get a few units shrinked wrapped because that is actually a requirement at Amazon.  They want all products stocked by them to be shrinkwrapped for some reason.

Meanwhile, the 7-CD audio program is available directly at our pharmaceutical sales jobs website as we do have copies on hand and can ship them out directly.  Of course, the downloadable audio version which are MP3 files is also available as well at the same website.

For Amazon customers, the printed softcover version of our pharmaceutical sales jobs book is available there on their website.  Just go to the unique Amazon webpage for our listing.  The same title is also available at Barnes and Noble as well as for Canadian customers.  This same book is also available directly at our pharmaceutical sales website.

If you haven’t taken our free 30 minute pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar yet, it is highly recommended if you wish to look into this exciting industry as a career.  Many people continue to access this webinar each week as it is becoming to be the most popular webinar on pharmaceutical sales online right now.  And that is of no surprise since it’s the only one that was created by a real pharmaceutical sales manager who was responsible for hiring and training pharmaceutical sales representatives.

pharmaceutical sales jobs amazon

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