Pharmaceutical Sales Job Still Gets Smirks From Crowds

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It’s very interesting but I’m finding that even though I no longer work in the pharmaceutical industry but maintain my connection as the author of ‘How To Get A Pharmaceutical Sales Job – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘, I still include this fact in the introductions note that people use when they introduce me as a speaker at various speaking events that I do these days.

This book is only one of two books that are mentioned in my introduction (the other being ‘The Life Champion In You‘ which is my motivational personal growth book).  Whenever a predominantly non-pharmaceutical audience is present, which is most of the time at my live talks, a few people will always been seen smirking when the introducer mentioned the title of my pharmaceutical sales book.

I suppose there is still some sort of interesting impression made whenever the topic of drugs and sales is mentioned.  I’m pretty sure that most of these people are thinking about the illegal type of drug sales here!  Of course if one thinks about it, who would want a dream job selling drugs?

Of course those of you who are reading this blog post know for sure that it’s the legal drugs that I’m referring to when I talk or write about pharmaceutical sales.  Even though many people do realize that it’s not the illicit type of drugs I’m dealing with, some still make the whole area a bit controversial since the media have always portrayed drug companies as huge profit machines that care just about the bottom line.

In a way, I don’t mind this type of stigma for this industry since it creates discussion wherever you go or whatever social event you are in and the topic of drugs come up.  I still believe that pharmaceutical sales is still a great career choice and I’m glad that I spent many successful years in it.

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