Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Was Too Tough?

One individual e-mailed me the other day and said that she went to her first pharmaceutical sales interview and found the interviewer much too tough. She felt that the manager was degrading her during the interview. Based on this experience, she made the decision not to pursue a pharmaceutical sales career any further.

Although as a former pharmaceutical sales manager myself, I never degraded any candidates during job interviews. However, handling tough interviews are part of the process for candidates who want pharmaceutical sales positions. In the real world, not all customers such as doctors will be easy going people. There will be tough sales calls no matter how experienced a pharmaceutical sales rep is. I’ve never had a territory during my entire pharmaceutical sales career where there wasn’t a few tough customers.

Fortunately, I have dedicated a few chapters in my pharmaceutical sales book on handling interviews, including tough questions from reviewers. This is just a skill that should be learned by candidates who wish to convince pharmaceutical sales managers that they can handle any customer out there.

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