Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions In Detail

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

As a former hiring sales manager, I can tell you that pharmaceutical sales interview questions can be very tough and tricky for candidates who are interviewing for drug rep jobs.  And to get to the interview stage is already tough enough for the vast majority of applicants.  But such questions are by design.

In drug rep jobs, there’s a huge emphasis on communcations and selling skills in front of customers such as physicians and pharmacists.  Since we can’t see what candidates are like in front of our customers, we have to guess how they would do in real life selling situations by asking them these tough pharmaceutical sales interview questions.

Many Candidates Blow Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions

No matter how good somebody looks on paper by their resume, they can blow it in person at the interview stage and I’ve seen this happen many times.  The interviews themselves can be rather grueling especially since some candidates will have to go through a few different people including different sales managers, HR, and maybe the directors of sales.

I recall when I was first starting out trying to get drug rep jobs early in my career, I interviewed with Merck and they put us through three different sales managers all one after another.  Each of these managers had a huge interview guide asking very similar questions and they were taking notes.

When I was a sales manager, I used an interview guide as well but it wasn’t a standard one like the one used by the Merck managers.  But candidates were interviewed by my manager colleagues as well since I wanted to get their perspective on top candidates as well.

Cover Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions In Detail

Knowing that this is an extremely crucial make it or break it part of getting drug rep jobs, I dedicated a few chapters from my book (which also comes in an audio program), ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager‘, to cover pharmaceutical sales interview questions in great detail.

If you want to go after drug rep jobs, I would invite you to take my free webinar first to properly prepare you for the industry.

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