Pharmaceutical Sales Drug Reps Need To Be Well Organized

#sales #jobs #pharmaceutical — I just finished a pharmaceutical sales consulting project where I spent a couple of days working with drug reps from a major company. As with pretty well all typical drug representative positions, these folks had lots of product samples, medical literature and promotional pieces.

These items were used in their sales calls to physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals in the field. Their car trunks were all filled to capacity with stuff as there was absolutely no more room for anything else in the backs of their vehicles. Sometimes their back seats and passenger front seats were also occupied with sales materials.

These drug reps also had lockers at various self storage locations which served as the depot for their main supply of promotional materials as well as drug samples sent from head office. I had visited these storage lockers that each drug rep kept to assess their inventory.

Since there is so much different promotion materials and drug reps could be responsible for promoting a few different drugs, the overall amount of items can be overwhelming. Each drug product could come in various strengths as well which is represented by different packaged sample units.

So needless to say, in order to keep everything in check and readily accessible for their doctor calls, these drug reps must be well organized so that both their storage lockers and the supply of materials in their car trunks are arranged in neat configurations. Otherwise, there will be a huge mess to sort out.

The vast majority of the drug reps I worked with over the last couple of days during my pharmaceutical sales consulting project were in fact very well organized. Both their storage lockers and car trunks displayed drug samples and literature arranged in neat piles and boxes for easy retrieval. Of course, the odd rep had supplies that looked like a hurricane went through it but that’s another story.

So being well organized is a skill that all aspiring drug reps need to demonstrate when interviewing with district managers. The other attributes required for this type of career are covered in my free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

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