Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Tip Video

Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

Your pharmaceutical sales cover letter is a very important document of you appplication to pharma companies.  I can tell you as a former hiring pharmaceutical sales manager who saw my share of applications from those who wanted to join my company as a drug rep, cover letters should be created with some thought.  MOst of the cover letters I’ve seen were created in a way that the applicant obviously did not spend much time in it.

In fact, the purpose of a pharmaceutical sales cover letter is to entice the pharma companies to actually want to review your resume.  It should get me interested and make you stand out over other candidates.  This document should not just tell me that you are applying for a job and that you have have many generic claims about your skills.  Most people do just that and it just doesn’t command any priority over others.

Video Has Great Tip On Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

I have a 20 minute video that gets into more detail with tips on not just for your pharmaceutical sales cover letter, but also for interview questions which I’m asked about often.  The video is actually the second video on getting pharmaceutical sales jobs as I would highly suggest that people who are interested in becoming a drug rep to take my 30 minute webinar first.  Both of these videos are free to view.

So the first step is to take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs and after you get through it, there will be a link to the second training video which will talk more on things like interview questions and yes, your pharmaceutical sales cover letter.

Cover letters are often the first documents that reviewers from pharma companies will see so you want to make a good first impression on paper with it.

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