Pharmaceutical Sales Consulting Project

#pharmaceutical #sales — I’m going to be working on a special pharmaceutical sales consulting project with one of the major companies in the industry for a few days next week.  I will be working with quite a few of the existing pharmaceutical sales representatives in the local region from this company next week.  Given my background in the pharmaceutical industry, this type of project is no surprise even though I’m officially retired from the field.

This also shows that I do keep tabs on the pulse of the industry and I’m still more than qualified to help others who want to become pharmaceutical sales representatives to get their first jobs in this field.

So from a pharmaceutical industry point of view, there are a few areas that I can service.  I can do special projects like the one I’m doing next week. I can be a motivational speaker for a sales force meeting and finally I can help newcomers outside the industry position themselves the best they can in order to get their first drug representative job.

For the third point in regards to helping people with their pharmaceutical sales job hunt, a good start will be to take my free 30 minute drug representatives careers webinar.  The various articles at the same website where you access the webinar will also be of enormous help to newcomers to the industry.

There are also quite a few videos I’ve shot about pharmaceutical sales careers and even actual case studies on real life stories from the industry.  Just start with the webinar for the most logical approach to learning what the field is really all about.

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