Pharmaceutical Sales Companies Shut Down

Holiday Season For Pharmaceutical Sales Companies

Many companies and businesses still operate at full swing during this holiday season each year but pharmaceutical sales companies sure aren’t one of them.  Pretty well every function within these firms from sales, marketing, finance, HR to manufacturing shut down for the last two weeks of December.

This is especially the case with the sales forces since many of the customers that they would be calling on including doctors which make up the main category, are off on holidays.  Probably only the walk in clinics are open during this time and most pharmaceutical sales forces tend to ignore these clinics anyway since the medical staff in terms of physicians are so short term.

Pharmaceutical Sales Activity Will Commence Later

Most pharmaceutical sales activity will commence again after the New Year when both the drug representatives and doctors with stable clinics return to duty.  So in terms of networking with these drug reps for the purposes of building connections for future possible job openings, now is not a good time to do this but after New Year, things will be more ideal.

Same with sending any applications to head offices.  There won’t be anybody there to seriously look at resumes during this time and by the time they do get back, your application will probably be lost among that giant pile of paper in their offices.

The better strategy for people who want to get jobs with pharmaceutical sales companies is to take this slow period for the industry and learn about the best ways to get in.  You can start by taking my free pharmaceutical sales careers webinar.

When I was working in the industry, some years I would accumulate so many vacation days, I would end up taking the entire month of December off.  This happens to many pharmaceutical sales reps out there as well.

So take the time now to do your research and learn about how to properly prepare yourself for the field and after New Year, you will have better opportunties to connect.  Many of my past readers have benefited greatly by taking December to learn about the industry through the information I provide for pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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