Pharmaceutical Sales Blogs Great Way To Keep Informed

Reading various pharmaceutical sales blogs is a great way to keep informed about the industry.  When you network or go to job interviews, you want to sound intelligent and know something current about the pharmaceutical industry.  Blogs are great as sources of current information.  A fast way to browse through many blogs is via their RSS feeds through something like Google Reader.  This way, instead of going to every single blog you like, you can simply scan all the post titles of all the blogs you follow.  You just click on the posts that sound interesting.

Even though with certain browsers, you can easily get the RSS feeds to any blog, not all browsers are RSS enabled.  So to make things easy for those without RSS enabled browsers, I’ve added a RSS button on the sidebar of my Pharmaceutical Sales Careers blog.  It’s the orange graphic just below the Twitter one and clicking it will bring up the RSS feed for my blog if you prefer to subscribe to blogs that way.

Technorati will be listing this pharmaceutical sales blog as well – S9969AXG6QNZ

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