Pharmaceutical Sales Articles For Careers And Jobs Websites

#jobs #careers #employment  —  For those who run websites or blogs on careers and jobs, I have written a lot of pharmaceutical sales careers articles and they are available for use on your sites.

The best way to get them is go to either the or websites and do an author search for ‘Clint Cora’.  There will be a lot of different articles under my name but the titles for the pharmaceutical sales articles will be quite obvious.

You will have to adhere to the guidelines for either or which include making sure that my author information, which is included with the articles, are also added onto your website immediately following the articles you choose to use.  This is only fair as well.

There are many people who might be interested in pharmaceutical sales careers so these articles will certainly help your jobs or careers websites (or blogs) add more value in the eyes of your readers.  I am a former pharmaceutical industry executive with over fourteen years in the field so my articles will be seen as very credible.

If you like to embed videos, I also have quite a lot of videos on pharmaceutical sales as well that you could use.  Just go to YouTube and do a search for ‘pharmaceutical sales clint’ and you should see my videos pop up.  Then simply use their embed code for your careers or jobs websites and blogs.

My book and audio program on pharmaceutical sales careers are also available as Clickbank affiliate products.    The printed softcover book is also listed on Amazon so you could list it as an affiliate product from Amazon as well.  These options will help you monetize your websites and blogs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Scripps Days

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