Pharmaceutical Sales And Medical Marketing Free Ebook

Pharmaceutical Sales Medical Marketing

As a former pharmaceutical sales and medical marketing manager, I have just released a free ebook called ‘Real Life Case Studies In Pharmaceutical Sales‘.  In this free ebook, I describe five of my most memorable real life case studies in pharmaceutical sales and marketing.  These were all past success stories by successful drug representatives and not only do I describe what happened, I also reveal the lessons learned from the cases.

These real life cases happened throughout my pharmaceutical career from starting out as a drug representative to a product marketing manager and a sales manager.  They were from different pharmaceutical companies and geographical locations.

Current Pharmaceutical Sales Marketing Professionals

This ebook will help current pharmaceutical sales and medical marketing professional with their ongoing education in healthcare business management.  All past successes (and failures) in the industry helps and this is my contribution to the pharmaceutical and related healthcare industries.

Also Aspiring Drug Representatives

This ebook will also be of help to aspiring drug representatives out there who are hoping to get into the field.  It gives some insights into what actually can happen during real sales calls in pharmaceutical sales.  This will in turn help individuals more knowledgeable in the field and hopefully have more productive job interviews as well as general networking activities with industry people.

Again, I’m offering this ebook called ‘Real Life Case Studies In Pharmaceutical Sales‘ for free as a download.  I hope it helps you no matter what position you currently hold in the industry and feel free to pass it along to others who might find it interesting reading.

And for those who might be interested, I also have another free ebook with 200 motivational quotes.

free ebook pharmaceutical sales medical marketing


These five cases will be useful for both current pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals as well as those who are hoping to enter the industry.

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