Pharmaceutical Sales Advice For Drug Reps

Pharmaceutical Sales Advice

I was recently asked by a working drug rep about some good resources on pharmaceutical sales advice or selling techniques.  I told this individual that if one wishes for more training on selling techniques, this should be brought up to the company’s training department.  After all, it’s the pharmaceutical sales training department that is suppose to not only train new drug reps, but manage continuing education for the entire sales force.

I am available as a guest speaker for sales meetings of any pharmaceutical company so it would be a good idea to refer your training department people to my available speaking programs.  Since this was my former industry, I would be a great fit to speak at any pharmaceutical sales meeting.

General Sales Resource For Drug Reps

A very successful sales guru in the business world for general sales across all industries that I would recommend is Brian Tracy.  Although his background is not specificially in pharmaceutical sales, there is often a lot of great selling ideas that can come from other fields and be applied to pharmaceutical sales.  Therefore, I would highly recommend that drug reps check out Brian Tracy as a resource for not only general selling techniques, but for other topics like time management and leadership.

In fact, it is advisable to get training departments to know who Brian Tracy is as well.  Even though a company may or may not be able to afford hiring him to come in to do a live event, he has many products like books and audio programs on sales that the company might be able to purchase for its entire sales force of drug reps.

The companies I’ve worked for in the past did this type of thing often by supplying the drug reps with educational materials from the outside and these were generally very well received and appreciated by the sales force.

If you are currently from outside the industry and want to become one of the drug reps for a company, check out my webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

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  • Many of the physicians and experts would highly recommend that drug reps as a resource for general selling techniques.
    Which I also think is good indeed.