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Social Pharmaceutical Reps

The medical pharmaceutical sales business is a people business even though the details behind the products are very technical.  In order for pharmaceutical reps and medical reps to get through to the target customers which are normally physicians, they must first get past the gatekeepers.  These gatekeepers are usually the receptionists and other clinic staff.

Getting top marks from the receptionists, nurses and other clinic staff will get pharmaceutical reps and medical reps better access to the doctors.   I know this from personal experience from my years working in pharmaceutical sales.  Many times even when certain medical clinics were relatively busy, I still got in to see the physicians because of the relationships I’ve developed with the office staff.

Medical Reps Need Good Social Skills To Build Relationships

In order to build such good relationships with the various office staff, medical reps need good social skills – I would say above average – to get into the good books of staff.  If any potential pharmaceutical reps out there are very technical but have little in terms of social skills, they won’t be successful in this industry.

The really good medical reps and pharmaceutical reps out there by no surprise, have excellent relationships built up with the clinic staff.  This is an area that I spent a lot of effort in when I was out in the field.  It came to a point where I soon became one of the favourites on the circuit.  I could sense that some of the clinic staff really liked being chatty with me as it sort of gave them a change from their day to day routines with patients.  And I also enjoyed it as well.

Social Aspect Of Pharmaceutical Sales

Each time I visited clinics and doctor offices, I would chat up the office staff while waiting for my turn with the physicians.  This is a time that I actually enjoyed as the activity was more social than like work to me.  This was an aspect of being a pharmaceutical rep that I really enjoyed while out in the field.

If this social aspect of pharmaceutical sales is not something you think you would enjoy, I would suggest pursuing another field.  But if this is a part of the job which you think you would enjoy and be good at, then the medical reps field could be for you.  Start by learning more about the job with my free webinar on pharmaceutical reps.

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