Pharmaceutical Recruiting Services Useless For Newcomers

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Too often, pharmaceutical recruiting services attract a lot of people who are interested in landing pharmaceutical sales jobs.  They are sometimes very effective for those candidates who have direct or related experience.

However, for newcomers out there, they will quickly find that such pharmaceutical recruiters will be useless in helping them.  This should be no surprise since recruiters make their money on the commissions from placing successful candidates in companies and the chances of doing that are much better with experienced people.

So what should newcomers do given that pharmaceutical recruiting agencies will turn out to be of little help?  There is hope since that is exactly why I came out with my book and audio program called “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager“.

My program has been extremely helpful to many people who want to get into the pharmaceutical industry for the first time.  In fact, here’s one such individual who recently read my book.

Valerie Duggan of North Carolina writes;

“Clint’s eBook was a valuable asset in helping me break into a pharmaceutical sales career. I really appreciated the fact that the content was easy to understand and the basics were well explained. A better understanding of how things work in pharmaceutical sales definitely gave me an edge over my competition.”

“Ultimately, the deciding factor for me to purchase the book was the resume evaluation bonus. And, turns out, Clint did a great job at helping me tweak my resume. My problem was to decide what should be left out. Clint gave me the focus I needed to shorten and strengthen my resume.”

“This book contains a step-by-step process on exactly how to land a pharmaceutical rep job. Not only it provided me with the tools but the answers to the “whys” as well, so I understood clearly how the system works. I also appreciated all the references and tips in the appendices.”

The resume evaluation Valerie referred to was one of the three free bonuses that I offer when either the book or five hour audio program is ordered through my website.  At this same website, is a free 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers in this exciting field and I invite you to check it out.  So don’t worry if the pharmaceutical recruiting services turn out to be less than helpful since this is expected.  But there is hope so check out the webinar.

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  • Samarjeet Chauhan

    it is difficult to say that Pharmaceutical Industry is useless for new comers, because it is the only industry where a maximum number of candidates to be hired very soon, despite the fact that it is moving toward growth stage. People start looking for jobs for themselves in this industry and there is a huge possibility create by ” ” to let people assist in finding the right job, else you can also find Jobs for yourself on this link or

  • It’s more in the pharmaceutical sales field where the recruiters are of little help to industry newcomers. I can’t comment about the clinical positions that you are referring to.