Pharmaceutical Recruiting Only Effective For Experienced Drug Reps

Pharmaceutical Recruiting

Many recent college graduates and those who have never had any sales experience apply to pharmaceutical recruiting firms thinking that these will be easy routes to new pharmaceutical sales jobs.  Nothing can be further from the truth.   The first thing that these pharmaceutical recruiting offices will ask you is whether you have any relevant experience or not.  This usually is a question for them to quickly determine whether they can add you to their list of experienced drug reps or just throw your resume out.

The fact to remember is that pharmaceutical recruiting firms do not work for you.  They work for pharmaceutical companies and external agencie make their commission by successfully placing candidates as drug reps in these companies.  They need to sell the pharmaceutical sales management team on certain top candidates and only make money if the company decides to hire one.

Chances of pharmaceutical recruiting offices to use you as part of a short list to present to their clients if you have no relevant past experience is pretty well zero.  They want to make their commissions and presenting only experienced drug reps will increase their chances of success.  You unfortunately, will not be a good candidate for them to make any commissions.

Use Other Route Besides Pharmaceutical Recruiting

So what does the recent college graduate or inexperienced person do?  Well, the only way to get a pharmaceutical sales job in this case is to use other routes besides pharmaceutical recruiting.  There are many ways if you research them and this will take active networking with the industry.

Having said all that, pharmaceutical recruiting offices will sometimes grant you interviews with them and this may give you false hope.  These will rarely turn into anything but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not see them.  Use the time with them for interview experience.

Just don’t rely on pharmaceutical recruiting as your sole means to get a pharmaceutical sales job.  Do your own research and my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs is a good place to start.

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