Pharmaceutical Job Not Appreciated By Some People

Pharmaceutical Job

Previously, I had posted that on the reality TV show Millionaire Matchmaker that the female candidates who were working in medical sales being screened as potential dates for millionaires were seen as quite positive career choices.  If you missed that post, see it at Medical Equipment Sales.  I guess Patty Stanger, the lead matchmaker from the show considers this as a nice characteristic to have in a woman.

However, it turns out that in a subsequent episode of Millionaire Matchmaker, being in the industry with a pharmaceutical job is not always appreciated by some people.  There was one episode where they had a millionairess who was very much into the green movement.  One of the male potential dates for her was a clinical pharmacist who worked in a hospital.

Some See Pharmaceutical Job As Drug Pushing

When this millionairess found out that this man was a clinical pharmacist, she quickly and abruptly accused him of pushing drugs on people.  She obviously did have a very positive view of any pharmaceutical job.

The matchmaker Patty quickly interjected and said that nobody should have his or her job criticized.  Of course, it was already too late for this poor clinical pharmacist as he didn’t have a chance with the millionairess due to his pharmaceutical job.

Of course, most of us who saw this show would consider this particular millionairess to be too judgemental and rude.  It was probably a good thing that the clinical pharmacist didn’t get involved with this millionairess after all.

But the issue here is that there will be some people out there who will be quite negative on any pharmaceutical job and industry.  They see everyone in the field as greedy drug pushers and that we are evil.  This is unfortunately something that all professionals who have some kind of pharmaceutical job will have to put up with.

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