Pharmaceutical Job Involves More Technology Now

Pharmaceutical Job Changes

One of the things about being success in a pharmaceutical job is that medical reps have to be much more involved with technology than ever before.  I read a report this week that more and more doctors are going online for researching information about treatments and drugs.  So if medical reps help doctors do that with more efficiency, they will continue to prove to be of value to the physician community.

In the old days, medical reps did not need to be very computer literate.  Then pharma companies added technology to help with administration and reporting of the activities in the pharmaceutical job.  Some of the old timers balked at this but soon got use to the new technology.

Pharmaceutical Job In Social Media

Now, technology has added social media and other educational forums to the mix.  The pharmaceutical job has become even more complex in a sense but that’s up to the various pharma companies to update their sales forces on a regular basis.

As for my advice for aspiring pharmaceutical job seekers, it’s pretty well the same as before.  The skills that will get you into the industry still focuses on selling skills and communications skills.  Taking a bunch of computer skills will not get you closer to the pharmaceutical job offer.  It’s still selling and communications that get you in.

All of the new technology aspects will be part of continued training that the companies will be responsible for once new medical reps are hired into the pharmaceutical job position.  Don’t worry about the technology or even the medical background.  If pharma companies think that your selling and communications skills are up there, they will be interested in you.

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