Pharmaceutical Job Drug Representative Early Mornings?

Pharmaceutical Job As Drug Representative

I’m up at 6 am this morning which is earlier than usual and reflecting on my former pharmaceutical job as a drug representative.  I was thinking about whether this career had many early mornings like this or not.  Then I recalled that in most instances, the working hours for a drug representative, assuming that one lives within or close by to his or her sales territory, are pretty civil.

Most, but not all physician appointments are within normal office hours during the week.  Many doctors have set appointment times that are set for the drug representative and I’ve had them as first slot before their first patient in the morning, some during a mid-morning break, many just before lunch, many first appointment after lunch and some as the last appointment of the day.  So most of the working days I’ve had in the pharmaceutical job were pretty normal working hours.

Odd Early Morning In The Pharmaceutical Job

However, I’ve had the odd early morning as well and I mean really early morning.  These tended to be the odd mornings when I agreed to sponsor an early morning educational rounds at hospitals and these can start as early as 7 am or even 6:30 am if I recall correctly.  The doctors here, many are specialist residents, have these types of meetings before they go off to see patients in the morning.

As a rounds sponsor, I would normally provide some sort of continental breakfast for the group and in return, get to distribute my literature on my company’s drug products to the attending doctors.  Since these hospital rounds start so early, I would have to get up pretty early to make it to the hospital in time with the breakfasts of course.

I never did like doing these early mornings but fortunately there were not too many of them so I can say that the average working day with a pharmaceutical job is pretty decent.  As a drug representative, one would not normally have to get up at the crack of dawn.

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