Pharmaceutical Companies Still Get Bashed Over Flu Vaccines

Flu Shot Reminder!
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Pharmaceutical Companies Get Bashed

It’s going to be another flu season here in Ontario, Canada and the provincial government is promoting quite heavily on TV to urge citizens to get their flu shots soon.  So I asked around online to see who will be getting one and I find it incredible how so many people are still bashing the pharmaceutical companies over the flu shots.

They claim that the flu vaccines are not effective, dangerous and full of side effects.  They also claim that the pharmaceutical companies are just being greedy as they brainwash governments into taking on these flu shot campaigns.

Well, I’m aware of the fact that the flu vaccines may not be 100% effective since they are based on just what is predicted to be the most likely strains of influenza for the upcoming season.  I also know thsat some folks will have side effects.

My Own Flu Shot Experience

In my own experience with flu vaccines, I’ve never had any side effects at all except for a mildly sore arm for 24 hours.  I’ve had these shots for the past few years and I based my decision to get them because as an avid snow skier, I don’t want to miss a single ski day during the winter!

In our region, the flu shots are free and since I do not get any side effects, I opted to continue getting them.  I’m not concerned about the danger that the naysayers have with respect to flu vaccines or any vaccines for that matter.

Vaccines Generally Not Promoted By Pharmaceutical Reps

In generally, vaccines are not promoted by pharmaceutical reps since they are mainly institutional in nature with government health agencies and hospitals being the major clients rather then individual physicians.  So pharmaceutical reps need to be overly concerned about the vaccines controversies in their day to day work.

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