Pharma Sales Training Company All Fired Up About Me

Here we go again. The pharma sales training company called NAPRS all fired up about me. They have been trying to discredit me by stating that I don’t live in the US and that my real name is different. Who cares? They are obviously in panic over the success of my book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager“.

First of all, major pharma companies are usually multinational firms so even though I was based in Canada, I worked along side of my US counterparts on various sale and marketing projects as well as countless huge medical conventions in the US. As you can guess, many of the drug products in major countries are the same from the big companies.

As for names, who cares is I use an author name? It doesn’t change the quality of the information presented in my pharma sales book and audio program. Just read the different testimonials as definite proof.

These folks at this training firm really shoot themselves in the foot whenever they try to discredit somebody like me who is a regular contributor of useful information in the various forums online.

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  • Selling online products and selling face to face are completely different arenas.