Past Pharmaceutical Industry Colleagues Can Be Future Connections

Funny thing happened at my local Walmart yesterday.  I was there picking up a few things and used their washroom.  There was one other guy in the washroom at the time.  Of course, didn’t think much of it.

Then when I got home, I got a message via email from one of my past colleagues from my first ever pharmaceutical company back in the early 90s.  We had just connected on LinkedIn a few weeks before.  He asked me if that was me at Walmart.  It turns out that he was the other guy in the washroom.

He thought he recognized me but by the time he was quite certain, I already exited the store.  I didn’t recognize him at all but then again, I didn’t really look at his face.  This man was one of the friendliest managers I’ve worked with in the pharmaceutical industry though.

Past pharmaceutical industry colleagues can turn out to be future connections.  My former colleague here is now with a specialty pharmaceutical company where a second former colleague of mine from another pharmaceutical company I worked at is also part of the sales team where my first colleague is at. Hopefully, they have good stories to share about me there!

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