Pharmaceutical Careers Also Require Teamwork Skills

personal development goals teamwork skills
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Teamwork In Pharmaceutical Careers

I’ve always maintained during my motivational keynotes and seminars that one of the secrets to achieving success in careers and in life is to include help from other people.  Sometimes goals were never meant to be achieved on your own, especially the more ambitious ones.  This is where having a group of people to help you would come in but there is the matter of being able to work effectively with others.  This would definitely be the case of big regional sales goals as part of pharmaceutical careers where where teamwork skills come into play.

Just to illustrate a non-industry example of teamwork, last year, Montreal actress Tali Brady came to Toronto to perform her one-woman solo play at the Toronto Fringe Festival and I shot a special episode of Motivational WebTV to interview her as well as included a few scenes from her play.  If you missed this episode, catch it at Fringe Festival Actress Guest Interview.

Well, it turns out that she’s back in Toronto again at this summer’s Fringe Festival with a brand new show and this time instead of performing on her own, she will be with a small group of other performers.  This is a more ambitious production which required the participation of other people and therefore teamwork skills came into play.

I’m going to interview her again this coming week along with her co-stars of her current show and I’ll be asking them about different aspects of teamwork.  Of course, this will be a future episode of Motivational WebTV for sure and I’ll be sure to include some choice scenes from the play as well.  So stay tuned for that.

Pharmaceutical Careers Are Not Just About Yourself

My main position here is that too often pharmaceutical careers are thought of as solo endeavours because of the individual nature of the drug rep job.  I think that success in pharmaceutical careers should include the development of teamwork skills as well because many of sales goals are not meant to be achieved on our own.  When we bring in other people into our lives for certain projects whether business or on a personal level like in a relationship, teamwork skills are suddenly important.

I remember when I was a drug rep, some successful medical educational events put on required the cooperation of a few different drug reps to pull them off.  The overall impact of sales in the region depended on efforts of not only myself but also of my colleagues as well.

I’m looking forward to interviewing Tali’s group later this week.  In the meantime, if you haven’t seen my free 3-part Personal Development Video series yet, get the details at the link.

Of course, if you are interested in becoming a drug rep, you must make sure that you catch my informative pharmaceutical careers webinar.

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Success Quotes Posted For Pharmaceutical Representative Job Hunt

inspirational motivational quotes

Success Quotes Posted For Pharmaceutical Representative Hopefuls

Here are the success quotes I posted at my Motivation Facebook page last week for July week 3.  Hopefully, they will help keep you motivated during your pharmaceutical representative job hunt this summer or if you are already a working drug rep, your sales calls during this time.

“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

“You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it.” ~ Charles Buxton

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

“I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.” – Malcolm X

“No great deed is done by falterers who ask for certainty.” – T.S. Eliot

“If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself.” – Spanish Proverb

I really like the one above by Charles Buxton.  Many people complain that they don’t have the time to exercise or do this or do that.  However, they magically can always find the time to watch American Idol or have a few beers with friends.  So this quote suggests that if something is important enough, they you can always find the time for it.  You just have to make time.  Here are the other success quotes I posted last week.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~ Angelou

“Life is not a game of solitaire; people depend on one another.” ~ Jon M. Huntsman

“Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

“Once you learn to quit – it becomes a habit.” – Vincent Lombardi

“We have to learn to be our own best friends, because we fall easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.” ~ Roderick Thorp

“To handle your self use your head, to handle others use your heart.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Out of the above success quotes, the one by Vince Lombardi really stood out for me.  It implies that we should never get use to quitting the important goals we have in life.  Otherwise, we get so use to easily quitting that we will never end up accomplishing anything important.  This is an especially important trait for the pharmaceutical representative to have.

Share These Success Quotes With Your Pharmaceutical Representative Team

I post these types of success quotes on a daily basis at my Motivation Facebook page.  If you would like to get them at your Facebook newsfeed as they are posted so that you could be inspired on a day to day basis, just hit the Like button at my Motivation Facebook page – can also do this at the sidebar of this blog.  Also use the various social media buttons below too in order to share these with the pharmaceutical representative colleagues you work with.

Which one(s) from the above do you really like?  Feel free to comment at the comments section below.  If you missed the last quotes summary, see it at Motivational Quotes posted July week 2.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Tip Still There

pharmaceutical sales cover letter pharmaceutical sales rep jobs
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Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Tip

After people go through my free pharmaceutical sales rep jobs webinar, they are directed to an additional training video which was previously 20 minutes long.  Over the weekend, I decided to cut a few minutes from this additional video just to make it a bit shorter and more impactful.  I did cut out a tip on writing an effective pharmaceutical sales cover letter but don’t worry, the actual tip is still there in text form underneath the video.

I left two other tips intact which were about pharmaceutical sales resumes and answering a trick question during job interviews.  These other tips are also present in their text form as well as on the video.

Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Advice Plus Much More

There is a lot covered in this additional bonus training video.  The pharmaceutical sales cover letter advice is valuable but I felt that the resume and interviewing tips were even of more high interest to people.  I wanted to shorten the overall length of the video while leaving the most important sections in.  But again, any deleted parts of the video is still in text form on the same webpage the video is on.

When people want to know how to get a drug rep job, I generally direct them to see my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep jobs first since it gives an excellent overview of the industry as well as the job.  Then they see the additional training video afterwards which is a continuation of the webinar in many respects.

Access The Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs Webinar

To access the free pharmaceutical sales rep jobs webinar, see the details at the top left sidebar of this blog where you can sign up.  We will then email you the link to the webinar from there.

And if you like the webinar, please let your friends who also want to get into the industry know about it.  There are easy social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make this simply.

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Hot Summer For Pharmaceutical Representative Or Medical Equipment Sales

pharmaceutical representative medical equipment sales
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Pharmaceutical Representative Summers

It’s currently a hot and muggy time during the summer here in Toronto, Canada and I remember when I was a pharmaceutical representative driving around to medical clinics all day.  It was fairly uncomfortable going outside although the car had air conditioning.

I remember that I just can’t wait until I get into the buildings of medical clinics where there was air conditioning as well.  Summer days can be way too hot out there for many pharmaceutical representatives or those in medical equipment sales.

In fact, it would get hot enough that I just had to remove my suit jacket for the day even though I looked a bit less business-like but many other reps in both pharma and medical equipment sales were doing the same thing.

Summer Look For Pharmaceutical Representative

When I was a pharmaceutical representative, I had days when my manager would be working with me.  I remember this one manager who always chose to keep his suit jacket on no matter how hot it got outside.  I don’t know how he did it since he did feel uncomfortable but I guess he didn’t like the jacket-less look even though he didn’t say anything about me taking mine off.

When I became a manager and if it got too hot, I would take my suit jacket off in a heartbeat, often for the entire day as well.  Like I said several times before, the best seasons of the year to work as a pharmaceutical representative or in medical equipment sales in terms of weather is the spring or fall.

One could still look very professional wearing a full suit (and take advantage of all the suit pockets) while not getting either too hot or too cold.  Those are the days when it’s really great to be working out in the field either as a pharmaceutical representative or a sales manager.

To find out more about this type of career, take my free pharmaceutical representative jobs webinar.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Try To Keep Call Averages Up

pharmaceutical sales reps pharmaceutical rep
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Pharmaceutical Sales Reps During Summers

Now that the summer is here, I recall my years working as a manager with my pharmaceutical sales reps (as well as being one myself originally) and how it can be quite challenging some days to keep the call averages up.

Most pharmaceutical companies track call averages which are the number of physician visits each pharmaceutical rep makes during the working day.  There is usually a minimum call average that each company likes to see and this can be anywhere from six to ten doctors per day on average.

The challenge in maintaining call averages especially during the summer months comes from the fact that many doctors take vacations with their families during July and August.  I’ve even known a few physicians who have taken most of the summers off.

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Visit Secondary Customers

As a result of many doctors being unavailable during the summers, many pharmaceutical sales reps may have to resort to making some calls on what’s known as secondary customers.  These are usually groups of doctors in their territories that are not usually regarded as top key physicians for the company’s products.

For example, a physician with a primarily older patient practice will be regarded as a key customer for a hypertension drug since most older patients get high blood pressure.  In contrast, a walk in clinic doctor may not see many older patients and blood pressure cases, at least not nearly as much as a key physician with an older practice would.  That’s why the walk in doctors would be secondary customers.

Since the walk in doctors may be available as calls during the summer, many pharmaceutical sales reps would call on this group simply to keep the overall call average up.

It’s debatable from a sales management point of view whether this is actually beneficial to a company or not but the pressure of maintaining call averages is usually there on the pharmaceutical sales reps.  This is one of the drawbacks of  call averages.  On one hand, higher call averages mean higher sales but if the pharmaceutical reps are always under the pressure of maintaining it by calling on secondary customers, it can be debated whether this activity is going to impact sales or not.

To get an nice overview of the pharmaceutical industry, see my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales reps.

What’s your view on this?  If you have any comments, feel free to add them below.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Training Blog Now Uses Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

pharmaceutical sales training twenty ten wordpress theme
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Pharmaceutical Sales Training On WordPress

As a pharmaceutical sales training author, I do a lot of writing not only for my books like How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager, but also a lot of articles and blog posts (not to mention videos).  When I first started on on blogs, I used Blogger which was really easy to use.

I then switched over to WordPress since I wanted a blog that would be part of my pharmaceutical sales jobs website.  I started on WordPress by using their default Kubrick theme which was a real not easy to modify.

Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

Over this past weekend, I decided to update all of my websites and blogs to set them to change everything to fit a minimum of 1024 pixels in screen width.  The websites were easy enough but for the WordPress blogs, I had to change to a new theme.

So I tried the new WordPress default theme which is called Twenty Ten (probably because it was introduced in 2010).  All of my WordPress blogs have now been switched over to that theme as I found it quite easy to use.  I would much rather spend time writing pharmaceutical sales training articles than struggle on tech stuff.

The only modifications I did was of course to use a new header graphic, my own menus, remove the blog main titles from some of the blogs and retained the same main elements used in the sidebars.  These modifications were really easy compared to doing the same things with the old Kubrick theme.

The only thing that I did have to do some research on was to switch the sidebar from the default right side of the blog over to the left.  But once I found out which changes to make, these were also pretty straight forward.  Overall the Twenty Ten theme is such a nicer WordPress theme to work with and the new blogs are easier to read as well.

Other Blogs By Pharmaceutical Sales Training Author

Here are the other WordPress blogs in addition to this one that I maintain just in case you might be interested in any of these areas.  Note that they are from a variety of fields and not necessarily related to pharmaceutical sales training or careers.

Personal Development Success Blog

Life With Dogs Blog

Martial Arts Bulletin Blog

Native Art Blog

WordPress by the way, is included for free as part of web hosting at Bluehost which is the service I use.

And if you still haven’t seen my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs yet and want to get into this field, see the introduction video at the top left sidebar of this blog.

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Medical Rep Jobs Plus Drug Rep Jobs Benefit From Doctor Increases?

Medical Rep Jobs Plus Drug Rep Jobs

It’s interesting in some areas like Ontario here in Canada, where the population is always growing, the government has promised to add many more doctors in order to try and meet the demand.   There are still many people who cannot get a primary care physician for themselves and as as result, they have to visit either a walk in clinic or even the emergency room at their local hospital.

Obviously, it is to everyone’s interest to limit the emergency room to real emergencies rather than coughs and colds.  Now one question is if these doctor increases to happen, will this affect medical rep jobs or drug rep jobs out there?

We would think that an increase in the number of doctors would also require an increase of medical rep jobs and drug rep jobs available since each drug representative can handle only a certain number of doctors in a sales territory.  But all of these changes do not happen overnight.

Just from eyeballing the greater Toronto area for example, the population increases are quite high in the downtown area as well as the suburbs with less in the more remote smaller towns.  Therefore, I would think that the doctor increases would be for the areas of the GTA where the population increases are as well as where the emergency departments are already stretched to their limits.

This would put more medical rep jobs and drug rep jobs within the urban areas rather than rural but we’ll just have to wait and see.  In the meantime, if you were aiming for a new career in these fields, I would not wait for the announcements of new jobs to be made before connecting with the industry.  Building the initial relationships through networking now would pay off in the future.

Webinar On Drug Rep Jobs

To get more industry information and an overview of medical rep jobs in general, see my free webinar on drug rep jobs.

drug rep jobs medical rep jobs doctor increases
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Why Pharmaceutical Reps Like Doctors To Write No Substitution

Pharmaceutical Reps Encourage No Substitution

Sometimes pharmacists will see in a prescription where a doctor has written the words ‘no substitution’ or ‘no sub’ just after the name of the drug he or she prescribed for a patient.  Pharmaceutical reps love this but outsiders may not really understand what this no substitution is all about.

It turns out that many popular prescription drugs out in the market have been genericized so that there are cheaper copies of trade name drugs.  Pharmacists like generic drugs because it costs lower to stock them as inventory at the pharmacies compared to the more expensive trade name drugs.

Pharmacists Often Substitute With Generic Drugs

So what will often happen is that if a patient brings in a prescription for a drug that is already genericized, the pharmacist will fill it with the generic version rather than the original trade name one.  Some pharmacies may not even bother stocking the trade name versions anymore.

Many patients also are in favour of the pharmacist using the generic forms because the cost of the prescriptions will be lower for them.  And in many cases, drug benefit plans may even provide more coverage for the generics rather than the trade name drugs although sometimes it’s the reverse depending on the drug plan.

Pharmaceutical Reps Point Out Efficacy Differences

Generic drugs are bioequivalent versions of the trade name drug chemicals but one catch is that in order to be approved as a generic drug for sale in the market, it doesn’t have to show similar efficacy in patients.  It just has to show bioequivalent chemicals so no clinical trials with patients were ever done with generics.

One would think that if the chemicals are equivalent, there would be the same efficacy on patients but in reality, this is not always the case.  Many doctors have noticed a difference in efficacy between patients who got the original trade name drug compared to those who got a generic.

No Substitution Written On Prescriptions

This is why in many cases, for some particular drugs, doctors will add in the phrase ‘no substitution’ in the prescription.  When pharmacists see this, they cannot substitute a generic version for that prescription as they must give the trade name drug to the patient.

Pharmaceutical reps will try to convince doctors to do this all the time since this will ensure that prescriptions are filled with their trade name drugs rather than lose business to the generic companies.  Sometimes doctors will support writing no sub and sometimes not.  It can also depend on the particular drug as well.

More Background Info For Future Pharmaceutical Reps

If you want more interesting background information like this since you want to become a part of a team of pharmaceutical reps then my free webinar on pharmaceutical representative careers will be perfect.  Go to the link or see the intro video at the top left sidebar of this blog.

no substitution prescription pharmaceutical reps
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Met Another Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Representative

The other day, I was the guest keynote speaker for a Probus club in Burlington, Ontario where I did my motivational speech based on my personal development book, The Life Champion In You.  The person who introduced me, mentioned during my introduction that I previously had a long career as a pharmaceutical medical sales representative and manager.

This person, who was responsible for booking guest speakers to come to his Probus club, actually found me via a newsletter from another Probus club that already hosted my motivational speech.  Based on this newsletter, he contacted me earlier this year to ask if I could come in and speak at his Probus club.  Being a local organization, I of course, usually try to accommodate such requests.

Met Another Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Representative

At the end of my talk, I usually sign copies of my book The Life Champion In You for audience members who want them and one particular gentleman I met told me that he was also in the pharmaceutical industry.  He was a pharmaceutical medical sales representative for Parke Davis which I haven’t heard about for years.

Parke Davis was one of the pharma companies that existed when I first started out in the industry with the company I worked for which was Searle.  Much like Searle, Parke Davis was swallowed up by other pharma companies and their products were taken over.

We were both talking about some of the bigger pharma companies that existed during our years in the industy and how much things have changed so far.  We’ve lost track of which companies merged with which other ones.  Pharmacists must have a heck of a time trying to figure out which pharma companies to call now to order new stock.

If You Want To Become A Medical Sales Representative

The way the industry works and even more important, how to become a medical sales representative remains the same.  The best way to start your primary research into this industry if you are interested in a position here is to take my free drug representative careers webinar.

pharmaceutical medical sales representative pharma companies
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If Person Already Has Pharmaceutical Job

Has Pharmaceutical Job

A gentleman from London, England called me yesterday and among other things, talked about a friend of his who already has a pharmaceutical job.  This gentleman knew that I had a book on pharmaceutical sales and wanted to buy it for his friend.

I will point out here that my book which is called ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice And Guidance From A Sales Manager‘, would be helpful only if his friend is currently not in pharmaceutical sales but in some other type of pharmaceutical job like working in a pharmacy or perhaps in a position that is unrelated to sales within a company.

Depends On What Type Of Pharmaceutical Job

It will really depend on what type of pharmaceutical job this other person currently has.  If this individual is already a drug representative for a company, there’s really no point in getting my book since it’s targeted towards a readership that wants to get into a company as a new drug rep.

However, if this person is a pharmacist or in some technical position which most positions within pharma companies are, then my book will be of interest as long as this person wants to move into pharmaceutical sales as a new career path.

I know at least a few different people who previously had non-sales roles within pharma companies like working in the labs and they eventually became drug representatives with the right networking and acquired knowledge about pharmaceutical sales positions.  So it is very possible to make such a career move.

If you are in a pharmaceutical job that is not related to sales but would like to moved into sales, I would suggest taking in my free pharmaceutical sales careers webinar to get an overview of the drug representative role.

pharma companies pharmaceutical job drug representative pharmaceutical sales
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