Online Pet Pharmacy Effect On Pharmaceutical Sales

I just wrote an article on using an online pet pharmacy to save money on pet medications for my dogs.  Then I remembered when the entire internet pharmacy revolution first started when I was still in the pharmaceutical industry.  At that time, the first internet pharmacies were based in Canada.  Many Americans were ordering from these Canadian based internet pharmacies in order to save money on their prescriptions.

This was an interesting situation because the Canadian divisions of multinational pharmaceutical companies benefited from the extra sales.  However, the US divisions of the same companies were not so happy since technically, they lost sales to the Canadian offices.

Even within Canada, there was an effect.  Many Canadian patients started to order their prescriptions from these internet pharmacies which were located mainly in the province of Manitoba.  Therefore, sales budgets went out of whack because the pharmaceutical representatives in Manitoba ended up with all these sales at the expense of lost sales from the other provinces.  A lot of juggling and number crunching has to be done in order to present fairness to all of the sales forces within Canada as well as the US.

Now that there are now online pet pharmacies, I wonder if they are having a similar effect that the internet pharmacies for humans had.  I would think with North Americans being avid pet owners, that the would be interesting effects as a result of the emergence of the online pet pharmacy on pharmaceutical sales budgets for animal health divisions of companies.

If you are a pet owner, you should take a look at my article (with accompanying video) on my own experience with an Online Pet Pharmacy to save pet medication costs.

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