On Pharmaceutical Sales Management Consulting Contract

Pharmaceutical Sales Management

I will be on a pharmaceutical sales management consulting contract all this week for a major pharma client.  Of course I can’t reveal the details of what we are doing but if there are any interesting things or observations I can share with your all, I will certainly post them here on this pharmaceutical sales jobs blog.

One thing for sure is that the pharmaceutical sales field is changing the way how some aspects of physician detailing and drug sampling are done.  I’ll get to see how one major company is adapting.

Of course, this does change the job of the pharmaceutical sales rep somehow in making the requirements of job entry even more challenging.  But to me, the things I’ve been pushing in my book, How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager, remains the same.

It’s far less the technical skills but the overall people and soft skills combined with an ability to sell which matter the most.  So just because you have a pharmacy or science degree, it doesn’t necessarily make you a good potential pharmaceutical sales rep.

Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Webinar

The best way to start your research on this field and to see if it’s one for you is to take my free pharmaceutical sales jobs webinar.  Get a pen and paper ready as there is a lot of information presented.

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