Nurse Comments On Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs Program

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Here is an interesting testimonial from somebody who happens to be already working in the medical field who is considering a move to a pharmaceutical sales rep job.  Jenny C. is a hospital nurse and has observed pharmaceutical sales reps coming in and out of the hospital for years.

Now that she is at a point where she is thinking about a career change, she bought the audio and print versions of “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From A Sales Manager”  Here’s what she had to say about this book and audio program.

“Reading Clint Cora’s book has been an eye opening experience for me even though I am a healthcare professional working in the medical field. The book offers road to success for those who are willing to give 100% in pursuing this career path whether one already has medical sales experience, no sales but medical experience or for those even without any sales or medical experience.”

She goes on to continue with further comments.

“Even if one doesn’t have the actual skill but has the potential, he provides the map for the reader to be able to construct such skill if he or she has that capability.  The strong innate desire he has for others to succeed is rooted throughout his book and beautifully summarized on the last page. Personally I know I am a better person from having benefitted from his extraordinarily written book and would recommend it to anyone who is not sure of their future career path but definitely wants to succeed by staying within the medical industry.”

Many more comments from others can be found at Pharma Sales program testimonials.

She is not the first medical professional or nurse for that matter who has considered pharmaceutical sales rep jobs as a new possible career option.  There have been many nurses who made this career shift to pharmaceuticals and it’s a natural move in my opinion.  I even managed a pharmaceutical sales rep who was a former nurse during my years as a national sales manager in the industry.  But it’s certainly a great idea to get more education on the actual industry business side of the job before applying to positions and a good first step would be to take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales rep jobs.

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  • Jenny

    Thank you Clint. I had no idea my comment in reference to your book related to entering the pharmaceutical sales industry was posted on your blog. Again it shows that you value my input and I’m happy to see the progress I have made thus far in preparing myself to enter field.
    I ill try accomodating the blog and email at discretion from hereon out. You’re such an inspiring individual for installing great hopes, excitement and motivations which we as humans constantly require.