New Year’s Resolutions For Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

As a hopeful pharmaceutical sales rep, will you be making any New Year’s resolutions about this time?  If not, is it because you have failed in the past?  Or if you do make them, do you still find that you usually don’t succeed with them?

If these scenarios sound familiar, it’s because they are very common among most people when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.  Like most people, I’ve had successes and failures with New Year resolutions as well but I decided to study why sometimes I’ve succeeded and why I’ve failed other times.

I wrote an article that goes into this in more depth as I reveal two real life past experiences I had including one where I won my very first karate world championship practically with a broken leg.  See the article at Successful New Year Resolutions.

By the way, yes, I think it’s a good idea to make New Year’s resolutions for your hunt for pharmaceutical sales jobs as well as other areas of life.  The industry is usually on hiatus during the last two weeks of December anyway so it’s a good time to plan.

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