New Pharmaceutical Sales Training Video

Pharmaceutical Sales Training Video

A new pharmaceutical sales training video was produced for aspiring pharmaceutical sales reps who want to break into the industry this week.  It’s now the main video at my pharma sales jobs information webpage.

This is an ideal next video (free) to study after going through my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers (which details are at the sidebar of this blog).  The new training video is just under 20 minutes in length so it has a lot of content in it for sure.

I had previously used a few shorter video clips spread throughout the main pharma sales jobs information webpage but chose to go to a bigger, more in depth training video right at the top.  If you want to catch this new pharmaceutical sales training video, see it right at the top of Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Information page.

Ideally, one should view this new video and then study carefully, the text on the rest of the webpage since it reinforces the content in the video.  This new video is another effort for me to share my knowledge from my industry experience to help those who are keen on getting into the pharmaceutical sales field.  There is a lot to learn but taking the time to get this knowledge will set you apart from the rest of the competition who also wants to get into the same industry.

So get out a pen and paper to take notes before viewing the next video.  You can view it as often as you want to really absorb the content.  Of course, if you know others who might be interested as well, please pass along this info to them but they should take my free webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers first.  The new video is a logical second step to take after the initial webinar.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: British Council Ukraine

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