New Demo Video From Pharmaceutical Sales Motivational Speaker

Pharmaceutical Sales Motivational Speaker

I started pretty early in the morning and worked pretty well all day and into the evening yesterday to put together a brand new motivational speaker demo video for my website.  Speaker demo videos are often requested by prospective clients who hire speakers for their events.

Although I’m on video pretty well each week on my regular Motivational WebTV series, some organizations like pharmaceutical sales forces still want to see what I’m like in front of live audiences which I think is quite fair.  After all, if they are thinking about hiring me for a live event like a big sales meeting, they want to make sure that as a professional motivational speaker, I don’t bomb in front of a crowd.

I’ve wanted to update my speaker demo video for quite some time now and finally shot enough new video footage from recent talks for a nice complilation.  If you saw my original speaker demo video, you will see that some of the footage is still in there but most have been replaced by better quality video as well as some new faces for testimonials.

A Mix In Motivational Speakers Demo Video

The new version has a nice mix from my motivational keynote as well as some from my diversity talk.  These talks were from a range of different types of audiences and age groups as well from college students all the way up to seniors.  You might be able to catch me refer to the college students when I talk about ‘when they graduate’ in one of the clips.

Here’s the new speaker demo video for pharmaceutical sales audiences;

If you know of any organization or group who might be looking for a motivational speaker or diversity speaker, please refer them to this video.  This actual professional  speaker demo video will also be on my Speaking Programs section as well as the Multimedia webpage at my website.  Unlike the original version, the new one will not be on the homepage of my website since I think I already have enough other videos on that webpage.  If people from pharmaceutical sales forces are checking me out as a keynote speaker, they can just get to the Speaking Programs section to see not only this video but also see the descriptions of the various talks I offer.

By the way, I have a separate version of this new speaker demo video just for speaker bureaus and agencies out there.  This particular version does not have any reference to my contact info or website and at the end of this video, I ask viewers to contact their speaker bureau.

And don’t forget, if you are an aspiring drug rep, take my free pharmaceutical sales careers webinar.

Feel free to put your comments about my new speaker demo video below.

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