New Audio Education for Aspiring Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Ready

The new and anticipated audio version of Clint Cora’s book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager” is finally available. It is over five and a half hours of education and covers all 23 chapters as well as 5 appendices from the book. It is such a massive product that the audio is split into eight separate MP3 tracks with file sizes ranging from 8 to 11 megs. These files are available for downloading. Once the files are downloaded, users can transfer the files to a portable sound device like an iPod or burn them onto a CD so learning can be done while driving or commuting.

Since many individuals prefer to learn by listening rather than just be reading, this audio will greatly enhance the absorption of the important concepts required for an effective job hunt for a pharmaceutical sales position.

The audio package includes the audio and the text ebook as well as the same bonuses that come along with the regular text package. These bonuses include the custom resume evaluation by Clint Cora. For more information on this new audio package, see

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