Networking With Pharmaceutical Drug Representatives

Yesterday, I had coffee with an old colleague of mine who is still working as a pharmaceutical drug representative.   He was telling me that he and some other drug reps from other companies were trading drug samples for personal use.  This is done more often than one would think.

However, this illustrates something else important.  It proves that pharmaceutical drug representatives do interact on a regular basis.
What does this mean for you if you are someone hoping to enter the pharmaceutical sales field?  Well, it proves that networking with the pharmaceutical drug reps in your area is indeed very important.  Drug reps do talk to each other and since they get incentives to introduce good potential people to their companies, it is certainly worthwhile to get yourself known to them.
If they like you, they will likely tell other drug reps about you, especially if you ask for referrals.  This will help get your name out there among company insiders.

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