NAPSR and My Stance on Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

It looks like somebody connected to NAPSR is upset about the fact that I have published a book that they consider to be competitive to their training courses. They have even tried to make a big deal out of my author name Clint Cora.

If you look at many authors, speakers and educators out there, many have switched their names for whatever reason. Mine is entirely a business reason. This doesn’t change the VALUE of the information presented in my book or audio program, industry posts or this blog.

All one has to do is to look at past posts I’ve made on industry boards as well as the many articles I’ve published on and You can judge for yourself on the value of these articles.

As for NAPSR, I’ll set the record straight again. I have never said anything negative about that course or any other pharma sales training course. What I have said is the fact that I as well as my sales management colleagues, have NEVER hired anybody on the basis of taking such a program. What is so negative about that? It is our real life industry experience and we won’t lie about that.

Yes, prior sales industry experience would be best but we have all hired on the basis of excellent candidates getting to us via networking if they impressed us with their above average communications and aptitudes for the selling environment. Then we would let our training departments handle the actual training for new hires (and by the way, I have been a trainer as well).

If the NAPSR thinks that there are advantages to their programs, so be it. Successful hires still have to go through the company training programs anyway regardless of whether they took a NAPSR program or not since they have to be trained on the actual products they will be promoting.

The other thing I always said is that any knowledge is helpful when trying to get into a new industry. My pharmaceutical sales program is NOT a pharmaceutical sales training program as I would rather leave that up to training departments once you get hired. I would muich rather help individuals with info on ways to get into the industry instead.

The information that I offer in the industry posts and my own book, “How To Get a Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance from a Sales Manager” remains the same which is based on the industry experience of myself and my sales management colleagues.

Clint Cora

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  • sometimes Sales Management takes a lot of effort and skill.-`~

  • I would say it takes on an extra type of skill – the skill required to manage and lead people rather than just sell.