My Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Job Nightmare Video

I’m sure that every new rookie had a few pharmaceutical sales rep job nightmares to talks about in their career and I was no exception.  It was way back during my first position in the industry when I got hired by Searle, a big multinational company at that time.

I just finished two intensive weeks of pharmaceutical sales training and relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Everything was new for me.  Finding a new place to live in a new city where I didn’t know anybody.  Learning a new job in a new industry.  Meeting new customers and clients.

I even had to stay at the Sheraton hotel while my two dogs were boarded at a local kennel for the first two weeks since I didn’t have a place to live yet.  Fortunately, my new manager as well as two of the local company drug reps helped me a bit to get started with a few days working in the field with me.  But after they were gone, I was pretty well on my own.

Then I met with Dr. W., a fairly established family physician with lots of patients in our target group since we were promoting two main drugs that were aimed right for that senior age group.  It’s doctors like Dr. W. who can help make or break a pharmaceutical sales rep job in the field in terms of overall sales figures since they have so much potential on prescriptions they can generate.

The case with Dr. W. had been discussed before here on my blog but I now have recorded a video to bring out the useful lessons even better.  So check out this entertaining case in the video below as this is one of my fondest memories from my career especially since it had a good ending.

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