Motivational Speaker Available For Pharmaceutical Sales Meetings

#motivational #sales #pharmaceutical — I will be on another special pharmaceutical sales consulting project this week for a major company. I’m helping them with some restructuring issues since I’m familiar with how pharmaceutical sales forces work given my fourteen years in the industry.

Since many companies are probably planning their big sales meetings for the New Year, I want to mention that I am available as a motivational speaker for any of these events worldwide.

Motivational Speaker With Pharmaceutical Sales Experience

Your sales team will be glad to know that in addition to being a motivational speaker, I was a pharmaceutical sales professional for many years so I can relate to the issues surrounding this industry quite well.

Since I also keep my hand in the industry through my contacts still working in the field as well as the consulting projects that I take on like the one this week, I’m up to date with pharmaceuticals.

If you missed my other post that comes along with a separate video where I discuss motivating company sales forces, catch it at How To Motivate Sales Forces.  Then at my official motivational speaker website, you will see descriptions of my speaking programs available for your group.

I’ve impacted many groups already but imagine the positive impact I can have for a pharmaceutical sales audience as a motivational speaker, published author (with a title on pharmaceutical sales), karate world champion and past industry professional who understands what they go through each day on the job.

All of my speaking programs also come with options that include copies of my book, ‘The Life Champion In You‘ for the audience members.  This is always a nice touch for an event much like what they do on Oprah or Dr. Phil.

A motivational speaker demo video is at the middle of the homepage of my website.  Check it out to see what I’m like in front of audiences and what I can do for your sales meetings.

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