Motivational CD Good For Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Road Trips

Motivational CD In The Car

Many pharmaceutical sales reps have large geographical territories to cover.  This was the case when I first started out as a drug rep as it would have taken me eight hours of driving to get from the most western edge of my sales territory to the most eastern edge.  There were lots of driving from town to town where the doctors and pharmacies were located especially in the rural areas.

With so much time spent in the car, pharmaceutical sales reps can certainly benefit from some learning and inspiration by putting on a motivational CD in the car audio system.  This is good productive use of time which otherwise would be wasted during driving.

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Drive A Lot

The fact is that pharmaceutical sales reps drive a lot.  Even for those who do mainly just city area territories.  Although there might not be as much highway driving outside the city, there will be lots of driving within the city from clinic to clinic.  Sometimes doctor appointments are on the other side of town.

Of course, there’s also rush hour traffic and commuting which can really add up the wasted hours on the road during the workday of pharmaceutical sales reps.  This is why the motivational CD will also be of value in the car for city only drug reps as well.  Being caught in rush hour traffic is no fun so might as well make use of the time to learn something useful.

Motivational CD Program

In addition to the 7-CD program I have which serves as the audio version of my book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice And Guidance From A Sales Manager“, I also have a motivational CD program which is based on my personal development book, “The Life Champion In You”.  This motivational CD program would be great for working pharmaceutical sales reps since in the field of sales, we need motivation on a regular basis.

To help make better use of your driving and waiting in doctor offices time, check out my complete line of personal development books and audio programs.  If you make a good case, you might even be able to expense them 🙂

motivational cd

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