Most Pharmaceutical Vacancies Not Where You Think

Pharmaceutical Vacancies

The reality is that most pharmaceutical vacancies are not where you think they are.  Most people will look for drug representative openings at websites of pharma companies and the big job websites as well as perhaps the local newspapers.  But most of the opportunities are not advertised, even on the websites of the pharma companies.

As a former hiring pharmaceutical sales manager who use to actively manage drug representatives, I can tell you that when there are openings in sales forces of pharma companies, we will always try to fill them from within the company first.  And many times, we are quite successful in doing so.  Therefore, such openings will never make it out to the media where you will normally see job postings.

Pharmaceutical Vacancies Uncovered By Networking

Therefore, to get notice of the first openings available, one needs to get the pulse of the pharma companies by lots of active networking so that you have industry contacts who know of the pharmaceutical vacancies before they get filled by internal people and definitely before they get posted on more public media, if they get posted at all.

The best pharmaceutical vacancies and unfortunately the bulk of them, will not be publicly visible for most people out there looking for them.  That’s why the industry networking is so important in job hunting.  But one of the big benefits of such hidden openings is that there will be much less competition since they are not public knowledge yet.

The pharmaceutical vacancies from pharma companies that do get advertised come up because they were not able to get filled internally or through other networking contacts.  Once any such openings are posted on job sites and newspapers, there will be a sudden huge wave of competition for these jobs.

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