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#medical #sales #jobs #hiring — Here are some more feedback on ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’ from those pursuing a medical sales drug rep career path.

“Thank you for this wonderful program, it is really very instrumental.  Your program is very well organized and helpful. It is so important to have this kind of knowledge from those who have been in the industry. I will also recommend it to my friends who are seeking to be in pharma sales. I am sure I will land my dream job soon.”

Mary George , San Diego, CA

“I enjoyed reading your book as it gave me a lot of insight into the world of pharmaceutical sales.”

Christine Schnirring, Loami, IL

“I  just wanted to thank you for the great product you put out.  I  was in the early stages of education about the pharmaceutical industry when I found the website talking about your book.  After reading it I felt as though I had a better idea of what managers and employers in the industry were looking for.  The section on resumes really helped be establish the correct way to outline  my resume so that it would get looked at rather than tossed aside.  Thanks again for all of the great information!!”

Luke Henning, Chandler, AZ

As you can see, this book, which is also available as an audio program, is helping a lot of people out there.  You can read more reader testimonials as well.  Most of these folks took advantage of the free webinar on medical sales drug rep careers first and you can too at the sidebar of this blog post or at the free webinar tab at the Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook page.

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