More From Folks Pursuing Medical Sales Careers

#jobs #sales #medical  — Here are more comments from folks who are pursuing medical sales careers and did the smart thing by getting advanced education on the field before going in blind with resume applications.  They first took a 30 minute free webinar on medical sales careers and then either invested the equivalent of two movie tickets in a book or audio program on how to get into the industry.  Here’s what they had to say.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to review my resume. It really let me
see from a manager’s point of view exactly what they will be looking for and what I need to include. I appreciate your time and input, and your eBooks are fabulous.”

Miranda Merten, Mableton, GA

“I really appreciate your help and guidance and found your
ebook to be extremely valuable and educational.  Thanks again.”

Brian Beckner, Aliso Viejo, CA

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your e-book and audio guides on getting your
foot in the door for pharmaceutical sales jobs.”

Leon Essig, Burwell, NE

“I think that it is a great book and an invaluable preparation tool for me as I want to explore in the pharmaceutical sales work environment.”

Carmen Ortiz , Caguas, Puerto Rico

Although medical sales careers are lucrative, they are also one of the most competitive field to get into.  So it doesn’t make sense especially if you are an outsider to the industry and just blindly applying for positions hoping that you will get interviews.

There are lots of other people doing just that so you will be lost in the masses.  Instead, you have to be smart about it and get the right education on the best ways to get into medical sales careers first.  Do the first thing that the folks above did and take the free webinar on medical sales careers.

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