Medical Sales Training Should Cover Online Pharmacies

Medical Sales Training

In the ongoing medical sales training for pharmaceutical rep forces, there probably should be some inclusion of the impact of online pharmacies.  Although much of the impact that online pharmacies is beyond the control of the individual pharmaceutical rep, the pharma companies will have to try and make any adjustments to sales budgets for each territory if warranted.

I remember when I was working with pharma companies and we saw a noticeable increase in sales from a few specific territories in Canada.  Upon further investigation, it turned out that these sales increases were from a few online pharmacies operating in Canada that were catering to patients in the US.

So the effect was that our US counterparts were in fact losing some of their sales to Canada.  To make things fair for all, we had to make some adjustments so that our US counterparts still get the sales credit they deserved since those US originated prescriptions were generated as a result of the efforts of the US pharmaceutical rep forces, not the Canadian ones.

Medical Sales Training Should Discuss Impact Of Online Pharmacies

The US patients were obviously choosing to use the Canadian online pharmacies to get better deals for their prescriptions and medical sales training for both the US and Canadian pharmaceutical rep forces should discuss the impact of these online pharmacies to their sales budgets just so that they are aware of what’s happening.

Although ongoing medical sales training should cover current selling strategies, I think that it would be worthwhile to spend some time to cover current market conditions such as those as a result of online pharmacies just to keep the pharmaceutical rep forces up to date.

The online pharmacies are not limited to just human drugs as they have had impact on veterinary drugs as well.  For those with pets, see an article on Online Pet Pharmacies.

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