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Here’s what Kelly Bambrough, a medical sales representative in Arizona  (who has been known to visit my Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook page) says about the strategies and advice I give for people who want to break into the industry.

“I know that your advice is more applicable for people trying to get their first break in the medical sales field. However, it worked for me, as well, being in the field for 3.5 years, then trying to get to the next level. Your suggestions helped me tremendously.   At first, I didn’t use anyone’s advice but my own when I first started interviewing for new opportunities about a year ago. I only made it to rounds 2-3 of interviews, then I was eliminated. I was so frustrated because I have a good background.   I think it has to do with the fact that medical sales jobs are tougher to get now — whether you’re a newbie or have been in the field for years. Medical sales is simply more competitive than it used to be and if a candidate isn’t fully prepared for every step of the interview process (from resume, cover letter, interview techniques, answering difficult questions to ride alongs) then they are not going to get a job offer.”

“I used your tips for interviewing and it especially helped me as I got to interviews 5-7 with upper sales mgmt. In fact, this was the toughest set of interviews I ever endured in my entire career and I couldn’t have mastered it without help.   Your tips were invaluable and set me up for success. You give some of the most realistic and practical guidance out there compared to others.   I was able to get a better job with a larger national company making 17k more than my last job, with even more potential for commissions on top of that. In this economy? I’d say that’s quite an accomplishment. Your suggestions helped me to get a better job making more money! Thanks again and feel free to quote me on whatever you want.  I highly recommend Clint (at pharmaceutical medical sales website) for anyone wanting to get into pharma, device, or med sales.”

Kelly Bambrough, Medical Sales Representative, Gilbert, AZ

Wow, getting a new job paying $17 K more!  That’s awesome Kelly!  It’s great to hear that not only people who are totally new to the industry but also some folks like her who are already in the field and trying to get to the next level, have benefited from my resources.  If you also want to get into pharma medical sales, take my free webinar as a good first step.

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