Medical Sales Pharmaceutical Representative Resumes Format

#resumes #sales #jobs —  I recently did a few custom evaluations of medical sales pharmaceutical representative resumes and one in particular used boxes as part of the document format.  Although nice to look at from an overall document point of view, such formatting really doesn’t work for a pharmaceutical sales job.

Skills Focus In Pharmaceutical Representative Resumes

Reviewing managers are more interested in the actual skills and potential of medical sales candidates rather than how nice a pharmaceutical representative resume looks.  Formatting skills does not predict how well somebody would do in a real life sales territory in the field.

This particular resume which used the boxes ended up as an overblown eight page document, which is way too long for a CV for medical sales or pharmaceutical respresentative positions.  It will likely be ignored in favor of other resumes that come in which are more compact.

Medical Sales Resumes Should Be Simple

I would suggest a two page maximum and with proper choice of text, one can have very attractive looking medical sales resumes without the boxes.  I have many examples of such documents in my book, ‘How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager’.

So do away with the boxes and fancy text fonts that take up too much space.  Focus on how to write effective text in pharmaceutical representative resumes instead that will impress sales managers with proven skills instead.

If you haven’t taken my free thirty minute webinar on pharmceutical representative jobs, feel free to do so.  There’s a lot of info packed in that webinar that will get aspiring medical sales reps off to a good understanding of what the field is all about as well as what is generally required in terms of qualifications.  The trick is to put these qualifications in a way that will be an effective resume that will lead to interviews.

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