Medical Sales Job for Nurses

Having stayed at hospitals before for knee surgeries, I can appreciate some of the things that nurses have to go through during their shifts. I remember for my last hospital stay a few years ago, I was put in the same ward as the orthopedic ward where there were quite a few senior patients.

One of my nurses during the day shift was also assigned a senior patient a few doors down the hall. This patient unfortunately could not go to the washroom by herself and often defecated in her bed. The stink was pretty bad on the entire floor if this situation was left unattended. This poor nurse had to go clean up after this patient all the time.

After some of the floor’s nurses found out that I was working in the medical sales field at that time, a few of them came over and picked my brain about the industry. They obviously wanted to see if there were other careers available for them with no more cleaning of bedpans as part of the job.

A medical sales job for nurses would be a great match provided that the individual had great communications skills and an aptitude for sales. It would certainly be no more night shifts. For more informtion on the possibility of this new career, see the article on Medical Sales Job for Nurses.

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