Medical Sales Drug Rep Jobs Webinar Improved

#sales #jobs #hiring #employment #careers —  The updated medical sales drug rep jobs webinar is definitely much improved with the completely new audio track and the addition of extra video footage at the beginning and end with former pharmaceutical industry executive Clint Cora.

Although the original version was good, the newer version is much easier on the ears with a more clear audio sound.  The additional video footage also puts a face on who is behind the knowledge and expertise of the medical sales world for aspiring drug reps out there who want to enter the industry.

The change of the video hosts will also make the new webinar a better experience.  Vimeo and Viddler as the backup are both solid video sites but with far less traffic than Google Video and YouTube.  Also, both Vimeo and Viddler do not have time limit restrictions that YouTube has which is currently 15 minutes maximum per video.

Before, the original version backup was in four separate parts requiring four separate videos on YouTube.  We no longer have to bother with this as both the primary source and the backup source for the updated webinar are both full length videos at just over 32 minutes long.

So if you are interested in medical sales drug rep jobs and never been in the industry before, this webinar will give you a great overview of the field by somebody who has years of experience in it.  Just go to the blog sidebar or the main pharmaceutical sales website to access this free webinar.

You can also now interact with others who want to get into this industry as well as Clint Cora himself at his new Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Facebook page as well.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: jrspeaks

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