Video On Medical Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Jobs Involving Niches

#pharmaceutical #medicalsales #pharmaceuticalsales   —-  Quite often in medical sales and pharmaceutical sales rep jobs, we are assigned to promote older products in addition to the latest.  So it’s not always the case of being involved with the most recent and talked about products in the market.  Sometimes pharmaceutical companies consider older products to still have some market life and are worth promoting to the doctors.

Many doctors expect drug reps to come in with the latest news about the latest drugs so initially it might be a be tough to go in with a product that’s already been out for years.  I was involved in this same scenario several times during my own pharmaceutical sales career.

In one particular case, I was involved in selling an older antihypertensive which I wasn’t too keen about because I had previously promoted one of the newer agents in this therapeutic area.  But we did see some success by position the older drug for certain niches.  When I became the product marketing manager, this older drug was included in my product portfolio to manage and I developed an entire niche campaign for it.

We rolled out this campaign to our entire medical sales rep force and the results were fantastic.  This case ended up being one of my most successful ones in my pharmaceutical career as it showed that it is still possible to be profitable when promoting older products.

The video below shows me talking about this very case as I go over some of the details of this interesting story.

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