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I’ve been using iMovie for producing my medical rep pharmaceutical sales videos for about a year and a half now.  Although the video editing program has been pretty easy to use and the videos have been pretty decent, I wanted to increase the image quality of future videos especially when on YouTube.  I don’t like the way that YouTube displays videos in such a larger size because it puts some of my videos slightly out of focus.

So I decided to learn Final Cut Express which is a more powerful video editing program from Apple.  Final Cut is more complicated to use but I felt that it was more important to increase the quality of future videos.  So after learning enough in Final Cut Express so that I could pretty well do the functions I did before in iMovie, the first video I produced was an updated version of my welcome video for my Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook Page.

Medical Rep Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

This is the Facebook page where those who are interested in being in the medical rep and pharmaceutical representatives field can go to within the Facebook platform and interact with each other as well as get access to my 30 minute webinar on pharmaceutical sales jobs.

I was quite pleased with the results of the new video produced on Final Cut Express as the quality is much better than the original welcome video for this Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook Page.  Here is the new video below.

The video above is on the Free Webinar tab of my Pharmaceutical Sales Facebook Page which is also the first webpage each new visitor to this Facebook page will land on.  This 30 minute webinar incidentally can also be accessed by the signup box at the sidebar of this blog.  So for you aspiring folks who want to be a medical rep, do see this informative webinar.

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