Medical Equipment Sales On Millionaire Matchmaker

Medical Equipment Sales

Looks like medical equipment sales is a good field to snatch millionaires.  I’ve been watching some episodes of the TV reality series Millionaire Matchmaker and I find it quite interesting that quite a few of the ladies who go on the show as potential recruits are in medical equipment sales as chosen careers.

Patty Stanger, the head matchmaker in the show, is known to be quite tough on the prospective individuals who want to try out for the various mixers meeting millionaires but it seems that each time a lady says she’s a medical sales rep, she gets the thumbs up.  This may imply that this field is a respectable one and it is.

Before we leave this topic of dating, the medical equipment sales field is a great example of an industry that is becoming quite diverse and it just so happens that diversity itself, can have an impact on love life.  For those interested, see Diversity Love Life.

Medical Sales Rep Is A True Professional

The fact is that a medical sales rep is a true professionals and works in a high level of corporate selling.  Such individuals are highly trained and very similar to pharmaceutical reps.  Both interact a lot with medical professionals in the industry.

Many of the networking, interviewing and resume techniques outlined in my book for prospective pharmaceutical reps will apply to potential medical sales reps as well.  The only difference is cost structure for users and the type of products. Pharmaceutical reps deal mainly with drugs while those in medical equipment sales deal with devices and other components usually found in clinics and hospitals.

Resource For Medical Equipment Sales And Pharmaceutical Reps

Those interested in medical equipment sales should take my free webinar on pharmaceutical reps since there are many similarities and it could be a good idea to simutaneously go after both types of jobs at the same time.  And who know, you might even get a crack to be on Millionaire Matchmaker!

I do have info articles on medical sales positions that could be of interest as well as the webinar already mentioned.

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